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The George Jackson '76 Initiative

The goal of the George Jackson '76 Initiative is to provide an endowed scholarship for Black students and to develop a mentoring program for recipients of the scholarship as well as first-generation college-bound students of all backgrounds. The program is part of the Prep’s broader program to address issues of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  These are core values embedded within Fordham Prep’s Catholic Jesuit mission and tradition. They flow from our faith in God, in whose own image and likeness each person is created and imbued with dignity.

Named in honor of George Jackson ‘76, former president of Motown Records and past Fordham Prep Trustee who passed away in 2000, the George Jackson Initiative (GJI) was born in response to the racial injustices and civil unrest that occurred during the summer of 2020. The Mentoring Program is made up of a group of alumni who meet and work one-on-one with their mentees throughout the year. All of the young men in the program are first-generation college-bound students.

Elements of the GJI

With the support of The Equitas Group, the George Jackson '76 Initiative has been able to help students succeed in their time at the Prep, as well as in their future. Our mentees have gone on to schools such as Connecticut College (POSSE Scholarship), Fairfield University (Company Scholarship), CUNY Sophie Davis Biomedical, North Carolina A&T University, Ithaca College, University of Rochester, Cornell University, St. John's University, CUNY City College, Northeastern Univresity, and Muhlenberg College.

Support the GJI

Support of the George Jackson '76 Initiative will have a direct impact on both black and all first-generation Fordham Prep students. 

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Who was George Jackson '76?

George A. Jackson, Class of 1976

George Jackson '76 spent his career in entertainment.  He was a movie director and producer and also spent time as the president of Motown Records.  Mr. Jackson is also a former member of the Prep's Prep Board of Trustees.  He tragically passed away at the early age of 41 and was inducted into the Fordham Prep Hall of Honor in 2011.

GJI Committee Members

Victor Chatelain '11
Ernest Esparza '11
Elio Fernandez '11

Calvin McCoy '08
Justin Pichardo '11
Corey Punter '07

GJI Moderator

Kenneth Tejeda '07
College Counselor
Moderator of the George Jackson '76 Mentoring Program