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Global Education Program

FP students traveled to Belize in 2016.

Fordham Prep’s Global Education Program aims to raise student awareness of the world outside their own environment through the exploration of different and diverse cultures in the world community. This awareness will prepare students to be more empathetic, accepting of differences, aware of social justice and human rights issues, and better prepared for an interconnected and diverse world in which they will live and work. They will also be better prepared to understand and embrace world cultures, communicate effectively at a global level, respect and value diversity, understand and take action against injustices, and develop skills necessary to work cross-culturally. 

For more information about our Global Education Program contact Ms. Teresa Di Vita-Geremia, Coordinator of Global Education.

2017-18 Trip Offerings.  Applications will open in late September

SYdney, Australia

This program, in collaboration with 9 students from Boston College High School, includes an academic experience at St. Ignatius College Riverview, ample opportunities to explore and discover the dynamic city of Sydney, and a 5-day long service experience alongside Riverview students. More Information



Ecology TRip

Countries currently under consideration for an ecology trip include Belize, Coasta Rica and Hawaii.  A final decision will be made in September.  An ecology trip will included dolphin-watching, snorkeling along breathtaking coral reefs, data gathering and tracking large mammals while hiking through the rainforest. Through games, art, journaling, guided lessons and lectures, students will get to know the culture of the country and the conservation issues of tropical ecology. More Information




This program includes classes in Mandarin Chinese, workshops in martial arts and traditional music, and opportunities to explore and discover the dynamic cities of Beijing and Xi’An. More Information




Students will travel to Clongowes Wood College, a Jesuit boarding school located in the town of Clane in County Kildare, Ireland.  As part of this program students will stay in the dorms at Clongowes, attend classes with with host students, take part in service opportunities and explore neighboring cities like Dublin. More Information




This programs partners students with Enlaces Comunitarios Internacionales (ECI). The program includes presentations from ECI about water, poverty and sustainability,  hands on projects at the program’s agroecological center, and fter-school programs including art, soccer and ESL with local children. More Information





Students are provided with direct experiences that integrate Roman history, literature and language with the students' previous study of Ancient Rome. More Information


Students will travel to the city of Kilgali and stay with host families from St. Ignatius school, a co-ed Jesuit school. Participants will attend daily classes, tour the city of Kilgali, participate in a retreat and have the opportunity to participate in a gorilla trekking experience. More Information





This program, in collaboration with students from Boston College High School, includes a collaborative retreat experience, a stay with host families while attending daily classes at Loyola High School, and participation in a safari. More Information



christian service immersion trips

In addition to our global education trips, a number of service experiences are offered through the Prep’s Christian Service Immersion program. The program offers students the opportunity to live out the Ignatian call to be Men for Others while living and working with those in need of housing, health care and education in Camden, Ecuador and Tennessee. Students apply for these trips through a separate application process. More Information


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