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On May 10, 2017, Fordham Prep will mark a highlight in a year-long series of events in celebration of the Prep's 175th Anniversary with a Dinner Dance at La Sirena, Joe Bastianich's latest stand alone venue in New York City.

Over the past three years many of you helped us to achieve the ambitious goal of raising $1,000,000 to support financial aid through the Bastianich & Friends Scholarship Fund.  With the successful completion of that endeavor, we now look ahead and prepare to embark on the Prep's next chapter!  Thanks to the Bastianich Family, we can experience that same ambiance and exquisite dining at La Sirena, and enjoy an evening of fabulous food, dancing, and 175 years of friendship. 

The Dinner Dance presents an opportunity for us to reflect on the unique and wide-ranging contributions the Prep has made by providing 175 years of superior education in the spirit of traditional Ignatian values. Together, it is our hope that the funds we raise through the Dinner Dance will provide a substantial increase in the amount of merit scholarships and tuition assistance we can offer to deserving students.

The Dinner Committee invites you to join Father Devron and the Board of Trustees and consider participating as a Supporter ($1,750 per couple), Benefactor ($3,000 per couple) or Sponsor ($5,000 per couple) for the evening. Additional sponsorship opportunities are also available. For details please see our 175th Anniversary Dinner invitation.

Our 175th Anniversary is an extraordinary milestone in the history of Fordham Prep which deserves to be lauded, as do the parents, alumni and friends who continue to answer the call and support the mission of the Prep. We look forward to a spectacular spring evening at La Sirena on May 10, to benefit the Prep's Endowment Fund, as we celebrate our past by investing in our future.

We hope to see you there.



Best Regards,

Jose R. Gonzalez
Vice President
Engagement, Development & Communications

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